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Sunday, February 13, 2011

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How to hack websites via DDOS (Denial of Service Attack)?

There are many tools like SQLI Helper, Admin Finder and many ways like SQL Injection used to hack website or in proper words, deface a website. 
Today, I am posting a simple but useful website hacking software- LOIC (Low Orbit Ion Cannon). LOIC is used to hack website by implementing DOS or DDOS attack which temporarily takes a website down. I have provided link for software download... just read on.

Note: The article is meant for educational purpose only. I am not responsible for any act done by you. Remember, hacking website is legally offensive and can take you behind the bars.

Hack Website using DOS attack:

A DOS (Denial Of Service) attack is implemented by sending large number of requests to a web server. Due to large requests, web server clogs up and is unable to respond to other requests. Excess packet traffic in the network leads to congestion and consequently, the web server shuts down, restarts or atleast is unable to serve other clients. Thus, it appears that the website it down. And we are able to temporarily hack website using DOS attack.

How to use LOIC to hack Website???

1. Free download Low Orbit Ion Cannon software to hack website.
Password: qq

2. Run LOIC.exe file on your computer to see:

3. Now, enter the target website url which you want to hack and hit on Lock On.

4. In Attack Options, assign "9001" as timeout value. Enter any number of threads you want LOIC to use. The number of threads refers to the number of virtual computers, LOIC will try to immitate.

5. Now, hit on "IMMA CHARGIN MAH LAZER" so that LOIC starts DOS attack on the website.

Note: A single instance of this software doesn't take a website down. If you really want to hack website using LOIC, run multiple instances of LOIC on multiple computers and DOS the website using these hundreds of LOIC instances. Then, you have hope of taking down a website.

So guys, this was all about how to hack website using DOS attack and LOIC. As you might have seen, you can hack website if you are running multiple instances of LOIC. If you have any problem in this tutorial to hack website using LOIC, please mention it in comments.

Enjoy LOIC to hack website using DOS attack...
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