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Sunday, February 13, 2011

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Nice tut for hacking...

I was bored so i decided to make a tut.
So the tools we will need...:

PhazeNameLeecher DL:
Virus scan :
Spoiler (Click to View)
DC++ client (i recommend apex++ cuz original dc++ is laggy as hell)

How it will work :

PhazeNameLeecher will leech names from some site (cant remmember the name ) and will make a lot of copy's of your server with leeched names
and then you will share all those files on Dc++

Step 1 :

Power up the nameleecher
and press
menu > start crab
and now wait till it finishes.
when it finishes it shud look like this :
[Image: tut.png]
Step 2 :
crypt your server
Step 3
change icon to something more sutable ( like install icons )
you can do that using reshacker or using an icon changer search for it here on hf
step 4 :
create a new folder and move your server in there
step 5:
return to the nameleecher
and press
menu > start copy > got to the location of your server > select your server > now save dialog will pop up > press save ( NOTE dont copy those files in your desktop, if you do that it will create 15k files in your desktop ) now you need to wait till it finishes NOTE : it will lag like hell
Step 6 :
after you finish and have your files its time to upload them to dc++
Open up dc++ > go to settings
[Image: tut2.png]
select your folder > and press OK
now your files will be hased ( it will take a while)
when hasing will be complete open up a lot of hubs

now all you have to do is wait till people download your files
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