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Sunday, February 13, 2011

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How to become system user in Windows?

If you think Administrator has the largest privileges onto the computer, then you are wrong. There is a user who is named SYSTEM. SYSTEM has full control of the operating system and it’s kernel. If you open windows task manager (press ctrl+alt and delete) you will see that System User controls several processes. These processes cannot be closed by Administrator. In this tutorial we will see how to trick Windows into running our desktop as System. So we’ll get a much greater privileges over computer.

1.Open Command Prompt. Go to Start , then Run. In Run option type cmd and click OK. After this will open Command Prompt, or Start->All Programs ->Accessories->Command Prompt

run command prompt

2. In Command Prompt write at 13:55 /interactive “cmd.exe” and press enter , the time is usually a minute or two ahead of your present time in the 24 hours format. 


After a minute or two will appear new Comand Prompt Window wit different title bar. It has changed from cmd.exe to svchost.exe.


3. End current explorer.exe process. Open Task Manager, select explorer.exe and click End Process. 

End Process

4. In new Comand Prompt with title svchost.exe write cd.. and press enter , then write explorer.exe and press enter. 

After this you will become SYSTEM user, 

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