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Sunday, February 13, 2011

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How to know if you are infected or not and how to Clean?

I wanted To Show you how to know if you are infected or not .
These Ways are Too Simple But I guarantee you to 80% that you will clean your System using these Methods Wink
If You Are Still Infected After Doing These Methods , So reformat Your Computer

Let's Start...

First Method

Checking the startup :
1- Open The Run By Pressing "windows key + r" or Go to Start then Select Run .

2- Type "msconfig" (without the " ").

3- A window will come up. Go to the Tab "Startup".

4- now As you can see , you have the List of all the applications which start with Windows.
You can find almost every RAT/Stealer/Keylogger/bot ...

5- Search for some file like "Stub.exe" ,"server.exe" ,"s3rver.exe" ... This are the Most used names.
if you found one Uncheck it , click on Save, reboot Your Computer. And You have successfully preventes the malware(s) to startup with the System.

Second Method

Checking the Registry :
In The Registry Every Applications Saves Her Configuration , Of course Malware too .
Malware often uses the Registry to startup, and Save the options.

1- Open The Run (Start -> Run)

2- write "regedit.exe" (without the "")

3- Search In The HKey_Current_User (HKCU) For the Software Folder

4- There will Be a List with the programs. If you are infected, you'll find somethink like Server or Stub some **** like that

5- if you found one , delete So that entry (Right Click -> Delete Entry)


Third Method
1- Install Malware Bytes it's Really The Best Anti Malware
2- check for Updates and make a Full Scan


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