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Sunday, February 13, 2011

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How to Downgrade to Eclair 2.1, from Froyo 2.2 on Samsung I5800?

If you couldn't upgrade your Samsung I5800 phone to Froyo 2.1, and ran into problems, temporary nostalgia, or you just wanted to return to Eclair for what ever reason(mine was battery draining problems) restore your firmware to Eclair 2.1, which usually comes with the phone.

Here is a list of firmwares with passwords next to the links:

I5800XXJK1 for I5800 EUROPE
PWD: samfirmware.com
I5800XWJH2 for I5800 EUROPE – PWD: samsung-firmwares.com
I5800XXJI2 for I5800 EUROPE – PWD: samfirmware.com
I5800XWJI4 for I5800 EUROPE – PWD: samfirmware.com
I5801DDJG6 for I5800 ASIA – PWD: samsung-firmwares.com
I5800LVIJG8 for I5800 AMERICA – PWD: samsung-firmwares.com
I5800BOJH1 for I5801 – PWD: samfirmware.com
I5800BOJH1 for I5801 – PWD: samfirmware.com


However when I tried to downgrade, I5800LVIJG8 (AMERICA) had an ugly logo replacing the classy Samsung startup screen and the background when the ph loaded. Kind of like when you purchased a carrier locked phone and they brand it into the phone.

To install the firmware, it's just like upgrading to Froyo, instead you just use the Eclair Firmware you downloaded.

Here's a tutorial for upgrading to Froyo from Eclair.

Choose any Firmware to your liking.

Some come with German as the default language. To change the default language setting, if you don't speak German, like myself.
Here's How:

  • On the Home Screen, select the bottom right icon, Blue square with four(4) small white squares inside it.
  • Now look for the icon that looks like a gear, blue and silver, and select it. That's the settings icon.
  • Scroll to the icon that has an Square with an "A" - 'Locale and text' in the middle. (Usually between the "Magnifying glass" and the "Hand" icon)
  • Then select the First/Top option. (Select Locale)
  • You should see a list of Languages.
  • Scroll & choose the Language of your choice.

Okay. Back to downgrading.
Sometimes when you downgrade to Eclair, from Froyo, your Firmware may give some problems. Some services may stop functioning. And surprisingly wallpapers stay on the phone, along with some settings.
Factory reset your phone: *#*#7780#*#*
Or go into Settings>Privacy>Factory Data Reset.
Otherwise re-install Eclair one more time.
Worst case, choose another Eclair version.

Android is a great operating system. Enjoy it in any flavour you please.

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