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Sunday, February 13, 2011

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View Delete all active & hidden processes (Trojan ,keyloggers) from computer

Are you beware that is there any Trojon or virus or any type of keylogger hidden working on your pc and sending your logins to hackers.. ??

Now no worry , here we have the ultimate solution of Hidden processses...Process Revealer !

While your computer is ON, there are number of processes and applications running the background. We have already seen free utility process explorer to view such processes. 

Here is another free utility Process Revealer, which besides active processes also show hidden processes.
Hidden processes are not shown in Window’s standard  Taskmanager. 

Using this utility, you can easily view and kill any hidden process that could be acting malicious on the computer

[Image: ?di=4129408242011]

As seen in image above, hidden processes are highlighted and can be easily identified in the list of active process. Kill or delete the source file off the trojons and make your pc happy n secure once again


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