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Sunday, February 27, 2011

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Send anonymous e-mails... (Anonymous mailer software)

Have you ever had the need to send completely anonymous emails to someone? Perhaps you were trying to hack someones email password by sending him a phisher link. Acctually Anonymous Mailer software is very useful in Phishing where you have to send anonymous email to victim and make him login to his account using our sent phisher link.

Anonymous Mailer is an Award winning anonymous Email sending software, by which a user can send Emails directly from computer, no matter the From email id exists or not. No need to reveal your original email address to anyone. Send emails from any@any.com.

So, just follow steps below to be able to send anonymous email using this anonymous mailer software.

Anonymous mailer - Send anonymous email to Hack Facebook, MySpace, Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail Accont Passwords

1. First of all download Anonymous mailer software from here.

2. Run Nemesis Anonymous Mailer.exe file to see something like this:


3. Now, fill in following information:
  • Name: Name of email account you want to appear on email.
  • Email From: Email address (fake) which will appear to victim as if email is being sent from this email address.
  • Email To: Victim email address.
  • Subject: Subject of anonymous email.
  • Message: The body of anonymous email.... include phisher link over here.
4. Also, this anonymous mailer software has unique feature of assigning itself proxy while sending email. So, your real IP address is never revealed to victim. For this, check "Enable Proxy" and enter the proxy server address which you wanna use.

5. Now, hit on "Send" and your email will be send to victim like this:

6. And on opening the email, victim will fall to our email. As sender email id will be the one we have entered in "Email From" field as shown below:

7. Now, our anonymous email sent successfully is ready to hack hotmail, yahoo, gmail, facebook, myspace, etc. passwords via this anonymous email.

Note: The software is available as trial version and you can use it only 3 times per computer.

You will be now able to send anonymous email using this anonymous mailer software. Anonymous mailer software is useful in Phishing used to hack email passwords.

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