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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Basic needs for hacking...

You learn about computers - in as much detail as you can-
now most people willl disagree with this but the first thing you should do is learn HTML this way you will know 'how to make decent websites'. 

You may wonder why? 
because hacking is knowing ecverything about a cpmputer an using that knowledge to get what you want.

Now after you have done this you can start on this list of things to do.


1. Learn about hardware - basicly how your computer works.

2. Learn about different types of software.

3. Learn DOS.(learn everything possible)

4. Learn how to make a few batch files.

5. Port scanning. ( download blues port scanner if it's your first time)

6. Learn a few programming languages

HTML,C++,Python,Perl.... (i'd recommend learning html as your first lang)

7. How to secure yourself (proxy,hiding ip etc)

8. FTP

9. TCP/Ip , UDP , DHCP ,

10. Get your hands dirty with networking

11. Learn diassembler language (its the most basic language for understanding machine language and very useful to ubderstand when anything is disassembled and decoded)

12. Learn to use a Unix os. (a Unix system is generally loaded with networking tools as well as a few hacking tools)

13. Learn how to use Exploits and compile them. (Perl and c++ is must)

An all of these steps you can find on this blog/site (www.pctipsbyanu.tk)...

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