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Friday, March 4, 2011

How to hack n control remote computer (RealTime Spy)?

I get this question asked daily "How to hack a computer remotely" OR "How to install a keylogger in a remote machine".As we know that in order to install a keylogger we must have physical access to victims computer.There are lots of methods to gain physical access such as Netbios hacking ,Trojans, Rats etc.However these methods require alot of skill and its very difficuly for newbies to do it.Alternatively we use a keylogger(Remote installation supported).All we have to do is to make sure that the remote file gets installed into victims computer and your done.Below we will go through the necessary steps required to hack a computer remotely and install a keylogger.I will be using Realtime spy.

Step 1

First of all download Realtime spy.After downloading your copy of Realtime-Spy navigate to where you downloaded (in this case it is on the Windows desktop). Double click the Realtime-Spy installer file to start the install.
: After install is complete you can delete this file!

Step 2

Upon finishing the installation you will be able to run Realtime-Spy's configuration file immediately. Do this and continue to the next step.
Step 3

You will now see the Realtime-Spy configuration window. Enter in your username and password that you received after purchasing Realtime-Spy. These must be entered EXACTLY as given. They are case sensitive, and take care not to mix up 0's with O's and I's with l's.
After you enter your username and password, choose whether or not you want Realtime-Spy to display a splash warning whenever it is ran, and how often you want it to clear its logs.

After you enter your username/password and select the options you want - press "next" to go to the next configuration panel.

Step 4
When you click "next" Realtime-Spy will verify your settings. If they are correct you will be able to configure your monitoring options, as shown below. Once you have your options set click "create" to create your logging module.

Step 5

Click "create" to create your logging module Or Remote file. You will be prompted for a name to give the file you are creating. In this example we have named it 'test' - you can name it whatever you want. Click Save and you will receive a message similar to the one below.

Remember the location of the file you have just created!

Step 6

Now it is time to send out the file to the remote PC. In this guide we are using Outlook Express on Windows XP.

Click the Create Mail button to open a new mail window.

Step 7

Click ATTACH and navigate to where you saved your Realtime-Spy file you created previously. Click on the file and then click 'Attach' to attach the file to your email.

Step 8

You will now have to enter a recipient for the file you are sending, as well as an email subject and body. Notice the size of the Realtime-Spy file - it should be approximately 100-120kb at all times!

Once you are ready to go click Send to send the email!

Step 9

Once you send out the file you can then login to your Realtime-Spy webspace

Enter in your username/password at the prompt to continue!

Step 10

You will be presented with your Realtime-Spy webspace. Here you can select and view users that were logged with the file you sent out.

Note: Users will only appear after they have downloaded and executed the file you have sent them.

If you have any problem regarding the installation feel free to comment. ................................................................................
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