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Friday, March 4, 2011

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How to clone any website for turning it java drive-by..?

With the help of this tutorial you can easily clone any web page n trun/convert them into a java drive...
You'll only need one file, client.jar.

Downloading a web page
Well, obviously we have a web page we want to download. In this example I'll be using http://www.google.com. Right click anywhere on the page and click "save as". And save it to an empty folder. I'm using Chrome but I know firefox has a similar feature.

Editing the index file
Now open the folder where you saved the file. You'll see you'll have a file and a folder. Rename the file from whatever.htm to index.htm and accept any warning you may get.

Now open up index.htm in notepad. Scroll down to the very bottom of the page, make a new line and add this text:

Replace "YOURVIRUSURL" with the link to your .exe virus.

Save and close the file.

Placing the .jar file
Quick step, copy the client.jar you downloaded earlier to the same folder as the index.htm.

That's it! Upload all of the files in the folder (including the folder "whatever_files") to a webhost and begin spreading!


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