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Monday, December 26, 2011

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PHP Shell - mass mailer, ddoser, connect-back shell, bind shell & more

Ani-Shell is a simple PHP shell with some unique features like Mass Mailer ,
A simple Web-Server Fuzzer , DDoser, Back Connect , Bind Shell etc etc ! This shell
has immense capabilities and have been written with some coding standards in mind for better editing and customization.


1. Email Trace back is set to Off as default and emails will not be sent , If you are setting
This feature on make sure you change the default email address (lionaneesh@gmail.com) to Your email
Address, Please Change it before using.

2. As default Lock Mode is set to on! This should not be change unless you want your shell exposed.

3. As default the Anti-Crawler Feature is set to “off” ! Change it to “on” for anti-crawler support , and longer Shell life!

4. A variable named greatings can be changed to change the Shell's greating message.

MD5 | f789ddc02f9f16fa9f82a31ce2e0f5cf
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