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Monday, December 19, 2011

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How to Protect Your Facebook Profile from Spam Links?


Hello Friends. Today I am going write something about Protecting your Facebook Profile From Nasty Spam Links. Currently maximum of People using Facebook. Starting from a Standard 3 Student to 80 Yrs OLD Person everybody using Facebook. Slowly Slowly people are getting addicted of using Facebook. They are spending Hours and Hours over Facebook like Adding Friends, Commenting Friends, Reading News Streams or Updates from their Friend’s Wall etc…

Facebook built for Good Purposes like using their Platform people can get connected with each other whether they stay miles away from Themselves but using a single Website everybody can stay connected with each other. Some Percentage of People are using The Facebook Platform to learn Good Things, Few are using Facebook to Earn their Livelihood by selling some kind of products and Services, Programmers are using their Platform to develop Different kinds of Apps and earning by selling their Apps. So like this way different kinds of people are using the Single Facebook Platform for different types of Purposes. Some are using it for Good things and some are using it for doing Bad things, like some percentage of People are misusing the Facebook Platform and misusing the Features by Spreading Malicious Contents, Cheating People, Hack User’s profile etc…

Hundreds and Thousands of Innocent Facebook Users are getting affected by it. Facebook also time to time writing about such types of things in their Blog, where they are requesting people not to click on any suspicious Links, Images etc… but maximum of people ignore their warning & get in to the Trouble later on.
Currently I found some Spammers are spreading some kind of Adult Video and Image Links. So its going Viral day by day and affecting to many Facebook Users Profiles. Smart and Intelligent people always stay away from such types of Suspicious links and sites but all other people by knowingly or Unknowingly clicking such type of Links and start sharing the links on their Friends wall, in order to watch Adult Videos etc… but they are not getting the trick behind it and this is the trap by the Hacker and spammers.
There are many types of Viral Script Few Scripts only Post some Website Links or Advertise links to your profile page, which get viral if you click on the share button provided with the Link  by the hackers, this may not be harmful but makes your as well as your all friend’s profile page Ugly But there are some serious kinds of Scripts are out using those script Hackers are injecting some kind of Adware or Malware in your PC if you will click on share button. It will start installing an Application in your PC, then it will start Sharing Different kinds of Links among your friends and this script will automatically start working once you come online in Facebook.
The script has programmed in such a way that it will post Personalized Viral Messages with Your Name in your friends wall and  request them to share it, so if anybody start sharing it then it will go viral and affect one  by one Profile. Sometimes such types of Malware track your Entered Username and Password and send the details to the Hackers, using which they can easily Hack Your Facebook Account and Upload Pornographic Pictures to your Wall and delete your all valuable Private Messages and  other stuffs from your Account.
The Ads looks Something Like the Following Image.
When you will click on such types of link or images it will redirect you to another website and it will look something like the following screen shot.
FB-Spam Sites
If you will follow their instructions and complete their Survey in every step they will try to inject their malicious script to your PC. In Some cases they give bribe to users by writing “Complete the Survey In Order to Unlock the Video” or “Download the Toolbar and Install it In order to Unlock the Page”. So this may be vary but their main intention is to cheat you. So the best solution is Never Ever click any kind of Suspicious Website Link, Image Link, Adult Video Links, Adult Image Links etc…. If you will click it and follow their instructions then along with you other innocent users will suffer from it.
Suppose you are instead with such types of Things and you have also downloaded and installed any type of Software then first thing you need to do is, uninstall their software from your Computer, then scan properly using Any Good Licensed Antivirus software and then by Deleting the Links from your Facebook profile Page. If you will do this then your problem will be resolved and never forget to change your Facebook Account Password, its very Important.
So the Funda is why to go to the Mud and then Clean your legs. So better choice is always try to stay always from such types of Suspicious Links.
Lots of my friends have been affected by this problem so I thought to write a Blog Post on this to aware all people about this Viral Script. This may be helpful to you. Please feel free to Contact Me (on top bar) if you need any help from me otherwise find some time to Drop your Valuable comment here. So that it will encourage me to Continue posting some Useful Tips and Tricks for you.
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