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Monday, November 22, 2010

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How to block an IP address?

IP blocking prevents the connection between a server/website and certain IP addresses or ranges of addresses. IP blocking effectively bans undesired connections from those computers to a website, mail server, or other Internet server.
Unix-like operating systems commonly implement IP blocking using tcp wrappers, configured by host access control files /etc/hosts.deny and /etc/hosts.allow.
Here i introduced you four ways to block an IP address in Windows...  

Blockingan IP address
1: Go to the Windows "Start"menu, click on "Run" OR press "Win + R"

2: Type "inetmgr" (without quotations)on the provided text field provided and click "OK." 

The"Internet Services Manager" window opens up. 

3: Click on the "+"sign next to the "Server Name," and continue expanding down the"Websites" folder; 

4: Right-click on (YourDomainName)

5: Click on"Properties," click on the "Directory Security" tab andclick "Edit" located within the "IP address and domain namerestrictions" section. 

6: Click on the "Add..." button, click the"Single Computer" radio button, type the IP address you wish to blockand click "OK."

The simplest way to block an IPaddress in XP is to change the settings in Windows Firewall or a third-partyfirewall. However, if you share your computer with other users and areconcerned about security, it's just as easy to remove the block.

Edit what is called the"Hosts" file to block IP addresses. 

To access this file, go to"My Computer" click on the "Windows" folder, then click on"System32" click on "drivers" click on "etc"and inside there you'll see "hosts

Open the file with a texteditor, such as NotePad. At the bottom of the text summary, you should see thisline: " localhost

Below that line, add ","followed by a space, then type the IP address you want to block.,
Make as manyentries as you need, but each IP address should be on a separate line. Afteryou're done, save and exit.

PeerBlock is a free, open sourceprogram that lets you control what servers communicate with your computeronline. You can block anything from individual sites to whole companies--evenall traffic emanating from specified countries.

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