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Monday, June 28, 2010

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Remote Desktop Dual Monitor

I run dual-monitor systems both at home and office (My Dad's Office) and regularly use Remote Desktop for remote connections. Today I was finally fed up with connecting to remote systems in their single-monitor resolutions. 
My search turned up Microsoft’s command line switches for the Terminal Services and Remote Desktop clients and the file format of .RDP-format (saved Remote Desktop setting) shortcuts.
The easiest way to open a local Remote Desktop window with 2560-by-1024 dimensions (remote system must support the choosen resolution) is to open the run dialog box and type type 

mstsc /w:2560 /h:1024

The mstsc.exe is the Remote Desktop client in the \system32\ folder and the flags attempt to force the remote system to send screen data at the settings specified. Don’t overdo the resolution requests. If a remote system’s video driver isn’t capable of the requested resolution it steps-down to the closest single-monitor settings. Likewise, beware of where icons are placed on the remote system, as the forced high-res leaves them at the same x:y points and hides them from users logging into a local desktop session.
To save both resolution and connection settings Mstsc.exe commands can be saved to .LNK shortcuts:
  • Right-click on the desktop or a folder and choose New > Shortcut.
  • In the “Item location…” field add the command-line from earlier, with an additional location flag: 

mstsc /w:2560 /h:1024 /v:
Replace with your IP, a colon, and the port of your RDC connection. Leave the colon and port # off  if  using the default RDC port # 3389.
  • Click Next, name the shortcut, and click Finish

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