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Friday, January 7, 2011

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A UDP Flood Program/Script....

This script/program is created by Code Mobile. Iam not taking thecredit of the original author. :)


My advice is to disable the echo service completely. It is often used by hackers to hang a computer.

Try sending a packet from port 7 your ip to port 7 your ip.

The system will bounce the packet back and forth slowing the system

A Hacker Program I have seen used to do this is called codeudp.c


/* codeudp.c version 0.01 by CodeMobile - codemobile@yahoo.com */
/* Sends a single udp datagram with the source/destination address/port */
/* set to whatever you want. Unfortunately Linux 1.2 and SunOS 4.1 */
/* don't seem to have the IP_HDRINCL option, so the source address will */
/* be set to the real address. It does however work ok on SunOS 5.4. */
/* Should compile fine with just an ANSI compiler (such as gcc) under */
/* Linux and SunOS 4.1, but with SunOS 5.4 you have to specify extra */
/* libraries on the command line: */
/* /usr/ucb/cc -o codeudp codeudp001.c -lsocket -lnsl */
/* I'll state the obvious - this needs to be run as root! Do not use */
/* this program unless you know what you are doing, as it is possible */
/* that you could confuse parts of your network / internet. */
/* (c) 2011 Code Mobile - I accept no responsiblity for anything this does. */
/* I used the source of traceroute as an example while writing this. */
/* Many thanks to Anu (pctipsbyanu@yahoo.com) and Inspired  */
/* for pointing me in the right direction. */


struct sockaddr sa;

....To take advantage you must DOWNLOAD FULL CODE.

Compile and execute as root 

All credit goes to  Code Mobile.
For any questions or queries you must be directly contact to original author.

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