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Friday, January 7, 2011

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An Security with USB Firewall...

USB FireWall is an application which protects you from all malevolentprograms which try to launch itself as soon as a peripheral USB isinserted. It will inform you if ever such a program is in one of yourperipherals USB. You can remove the malevolent file and the fileautorun.inf which launches it with the “Delete” button.

As soonas USB FireWall is launching, it works in the background task, itswindow is posted only when one program tries to launch outautomatically since a peripheral USB.

USB FireWall is freewareand its functionality is limited, if ever the malevolent program isalready present in your system, it tries to stop it but a patch or anAntivirus program is adapted much more to this kind of problem.

USB FireWall is ahead-first with Windows Optimum which makes much more than to stop or remove a file or to kill a program.

USBFireWall can also clean all your partitions for autolaunchedApplication from partition by deleting autorun file and its applicationpointed to.

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