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Friday, December 17, 2010

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How Windows Registry hack works?

Windows registry hacks are used to maintain the efficiency in theWindows operating system and to help enhance the security of thesystem. Registry hacks are located in the Windows registry whichcontains all of the files, settings, and configurations that controlthe Windows operating system.
The Windows registry provides a complete management system for the applications that run on the Windows operating system.Since the programs are dispersed throughout the operating system theregistry is capable of storing all the files in one location whichmakes it easier to work with the files that are associated with all ofthe applications running on the operating system.

How Registry Hacks Work

There are many different types of Windows registry hacks thatperform different functions when it comes to making the operatingsystem run more efficiently and securely.
  • Security Hacks: A security hack is a command typelocated in the registry that controls the access to certainapplications by other people that are using your computer. Althoughthere are other ways to restrict access to areas of your computer, asecurity hack provides an additional security enhancement by providingthe capability to disable the hidden administrator account. This is anaccount that exists in your operating system in addition to the usualadministrator account. Anyone that understands the operating system cangain access to areas you have restricted through this hidden account.
  • CPU Time Saver: During usual computer operationsthere are several different programs using the central processing unitsimultaneously. When the programs are operating at the same time,Windows will distribute a period of CPU time before moving on to thenext application. This design is incorporated into the operating systemto allow your PC to run faster, however, sometimes there is a longertime span between switching applications. The CPU registry hack sets alonger duration for the central processing unit before it moves to thenext application.
  • Encryption Hack: A few versions of the Windowsoperating systems allow you to encrypt files although it is a processthat involves a lot of steps. Deploying an encryption registry hackcuts back on the complexity of file encryption by providing a moreefficient method for encrypting your files.
  • Hard Drive Access Hack: Some of the versions ofthe Windows operating systems take longer to access the hard drive ifit contains a massive amount of data and files. You can speed up thetime it takes to access the hard drive by deploying a hard drive accesshack.
There are many other hacks that you can use for different functions in the Windows operating system which you can download from the Microsoft website. If you can't thn let me know.

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