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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

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How to check n clean Master Boot Record from viruses?

Often, viruses are very tricky and infect your MBR (Master BootRecord). This is pretty annoying, so let’s find out how to check theMBR for virus infections and how to remove the MBR virus.
How to check MBR for Viruses
The master boot record contains the primary partition tables, whichmakes it a very important disk record. Code in the MBR (Master BootRecord) is executed automatically on boot up, that’s why the MBR isoften the target of viruses. Some viruses will always return unless youdon’t remove them from the MBR.

Check MBR for viruses

MBRCheck, which willscan your MBR for any viruses. You should do this if you think your MBRmight be infected.

Download MBRCheck.exe

After downloading MBRCheck.exe, stop all your security programs, runit and confirm all UAC prompts. You can run this while you are loggedinto Windows or if you can’t log in, do this either via safe-mode withcommand prompt or system repair tools (boot from Windows 7 DVD, repair,run command prompt).
Check MBR for Viruses
My MBR looks fine, it detected Windows 7 and Windows XP MBR codethat are required to boot the operating system. If 

MBRCheck.exe (Download) finds avirus it will display it and you can proceed with removing the virus.However, if you need further advise, you can post the .log file thatwill be added to your desktop if MBRCheck.exe finds a virus.

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