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Friday, October 8, 2010

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How to reset Windows XP & Vista Password?

With the help of this post you can easily reset Windows XP and Vista (or may be this trick can also work on Win7 but currently not tested on Win7) Password.
So, why you are waiting for.... 

Resetting Windows XP and Vista password via BackTrack.


1. Open the BackTrack Folder from the Menu.

2. Open Privilege Escalation

3. Open PasswordAttacks

4. Click on “chntpw”

5. Type in 
chntpw -i /mnt/hda1/Windows/system32/config/SAM
You may have to change the “hda1″ to something else such as hdb1,sda2, sdb3
Try a few different combination until you can get it, orask me for help.

6. Press “1″

7. I want to remove my password, and my username is simply “anu007tiger”. So here, I will type in “anu007tiger”.

8. Press “1″ to clear the password. If all is well, it should say “Password cleared!”

9. Again, lets type in our name, mine is still “anu007tiger”.

10. Press “4″. 
The reason behind why we do this? Sometimes the account will getlocked after we change the password, so we want to make sure we unlockit before we save the changes and boot back up to Windows.

11. Type “!”

12. Type “q”

13. You will be asked, “Write hive files? (y/n) [n] : “ We want to press “y” for yes.

There you go! Your password is now reset and you can now log onto Windows again! Congratulations!

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