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Sunday, September 5, 2010

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How to protect your Computer from Hacker, Viruses and any other malicious softwares?

Malicioussoftware, known as malware, affects many computers that are connectedto the Internet. Malware can get onto your computer without yourknowledge and cause it to become unreliable and slow. Malware oftenmakes itself known by opening unwanted windows and displayingadvertisements, but it also runs invisibly in the background. Malwaremight monitor and report on your Internet usage, send your privatefiles to people on the Internet, or even delete your data.

Malware falls into two broad categories:
1.Viruses, worms, and Trojan horses.These types of software are clearly bad and offer no value to the user.Typically, the software either tricks the user into installing it ortakes advantage of a security vulnerability to install itself.
2.Spyware and adware.These types of software might offer some value, such as the ability totrade files with other people on the Internet. However, they might alsodo things you don't want, such as monitor your Web usage, display ads,or install other software. Often this category of malware installsitself without your knowledge and is difficult to remove.

To protect yourself from malware, you need to do several things for every computer in your home:
Keep your software up to date.To prevent malware from taking advantage of software vulnerabilities inWindows and other programs, Microsoft and other software companiesregularly release updated software. Make sure to install the updates.You can set up Microsoft Windows XP to install updates automatically.
Install antivirus software to protect your computer from viruses, worms, and Trojan horses.
Install antispyware software to protect your computer from spyware and adware.

Anotherthing you can do to protect all the computers in your home is toinstall a router. A router is a networking device that goes betweenyour computer and the Internet. One of the functions of a router is toprovide protection with a firewall, which automatically blocks manyattacks from the Internet. If you have a wireless network or more thanone computer connected to the Internet, you probably already have arouter. If you're using Windows XP and have installed the necessary updates,you have a built-in firewall enabled by default. However, the firewallin the router is still useful because it provides an additional layerof protection (known as "belt-and-suspenders" protection).

Install antivirus software

Viruses,along with worms and Trojan horses, are types of malicious softwarethat install themselves on your computer without your knowledge. Thenthey attempt to replicate themselves to other computers across theInternet. Some viruses make your computer crash, delete your files,prevent your computer from starting, or expose your personalinformation to attackers on the Internet. Viruses are designed to hidethemselves from you, so they are difficult to find and remove.

Withoutantivirus software, there's a good chance your computer will beinfected by a virus. Antivirus software is different from other typesof software, because it must be updated often to detect and block newviruses that are released daily. Typically, you purchase an annualsubscription to use antivirus software and receive updates.
Most new computers come with antivirus software, so you might already have it installed.

To determine if you already have antivirus software installed on your computer

1.Click Start, and then click Control Panel.
Start menu with Control Panel selected
2.From the Control Panel, click Security Center.
The Control Panel with Security Center selected

IfSecurity Center shows that Virus Protection is turned on, thenantivirus software is installed. However, this doesn't guarantee thatyou are protected. Open your antivirus program and make sure:
Your subscription is up to date.
Updates are set up for automatic download.
The program is set up to automatically scan your computer weekly.

If these three conditions are met, you are already protected from viruses. You can now install antispyware software.

However, if Security Center shows that Virus Protection is Not Found or that your antivirus subscription has expired, then purchase and install an antivirus program such as Windows Live OneCare. Many other software vendors also offer antivirus software.

Like : NORTON, QUICK H..... 

Virus Protection Not Found warning

Install antispyware software

Spywareis a type of malware that can change your personal settings, sendinformation about your browsing habits to marketing companies, insertextra advertisements in Web pages, or perform other unwanted taskswithout your knowledge. Typically, spyware installs itself without yourpermission and hides on your computer. It's a program, but it might notappear in your All Programs group or in Add/Remove Programs. In fact,spyware might be installed on your computer right now without your evenknowing it.

Toprevent spyware from being installed, and to remove spyware that isalready on your computer, you need antispyware software. Antispywaresoftware searches your computer for signs that spyware is installed andthen gives you the option of uninstalling it. This is a challengingtask, because new spyware appears every day. Therefore, the people whomake antispyware software have to constantly identify new spyware,create new definitions to enable their software to find and remove thespyware, and then distribute the updated definitions to you. A numberof antispyware programs are available for download and require nosubscription fee.

If you use Microsoft Windows 2000 or Windows XP, you can download Microsoft Windows Defenderat no cost. Windows Defender is a powerful and easy-to-use tool foridentifying and removing most spyware installed on your computer.Windows Defender automatically downloads new updates, so it is alwaysready to protect your computer from newly released spyware.

Windows Defender Warning message

Youcan also use Windows Defender to find and remove spyware that hasalready been installed, so it's never too late to protect yourself fromspyware.

Windows Defender status screen

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