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Thursday, February 2, 2012

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How to protect your smart phone from getting hacked?

Most people are comfortable with the idea of installing anti-virus software and security programs on their home PC in order to ward off hackers and malicious code. But with the rise of smart-phone technology people have become complacent about the safety of the personal information that they carry around on the multi-tasking device in their pockets. You have to think of a smart phone as a small computer which, as with all such devices, is vulnerable to hackers unless you take steps to protect it.


The first step you should take is to add a password to your smart phone that has to be entered when it is powered up and before the screen is unlocked. All major platforms, including Android and Windows Phone, will let you add a password in this way, usually as a series of four numbers. This PIN gives you easy access to your mobile phone but protects your details from casual browsers should it be lost or stolen.

App Understanding

The second thing to consider is that smart phones, just like computers, will only get viruses if you download files without thinking about the consequences. With Android in particular, hackers can create a backdoor to your data through malicious applications that you might have downloaded from the entirely legitimate Android Market. Google does monitor its apps and selects only those which it deems to be harmless, but this has not prevented a slew of dangerous programs slipping through the net and playing havoc with some users’ phones.

Security Software

The best way to protect against infection in this manner is to be cautious. Do a little research, read user reviews and check the web to see whether or not an app is safe to use or harbouring some unwanted digital parasite. There is, however, another way to protect your phone, which is through dedicated anti-virus applications. Major software companies who work on suites for Windows PCs have begun creating similar programs designed to secure your smart phone and eradicate any unwelcome visitors. You may have to pay for these services, but the investment could be well worth it.

Wi-Fi Usage

Some hackers will be able to pull information from your phone without even getting software on to it. This can happen if you are using an unsecured wi-fi hotspot in a public place such as a cafe or library. Cyber-criminals can monitor the airwaves and grab data without your knowledge. The best advice is to only use public wi-fi networks for basic tasks that do not involve the transfer of personal information. Ideally, for improved security you should rely on your smart phone’s own 3G connection to go online when you are out and about. Your password-protected, encrypted wi-fi at home is good alternative if you are worried about your smart phone’s monthly data allowance.

Update Your Mobile OS

You would not leave your Windows PC without the latest updates for too long for fear of a virus exploiting a recently patched loophole. The same should apply to your smart phone. Some mobile platforms are updated more regularly than others, but you should be able to check directly on your handset or by plugging your phone into your PC via USB.

Common sense can be your most powerful tool when it comes to smart-phone security. These tips have hopefully revealed a bit more about the murky techniques of mobile hackers and how best to avoid being stung by them.

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This post seem very yummy!!! I love chocolate!
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