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Thursday, July 7, 2011

How to get your lost yahoo email password?

If you lose or forget your Yahoo email password, there are three basic methods for you to regain access to your Yahoo email account:

  1. Reset your Yahoo email password online
  2. Recover your Yahoo email password from your web browser
  3. Recover your stored Yahoo email password from the Windows Registry

Reset your Yahoo Email Password

The easiest and reliable way to recover a Yahoo email password is to go to the Yahoo! Sign-in Problems page. After going to the above mentioned link, follow the below steps carefully,

1. Select I forgot my password and click Next

2. Enter your Yahoo mail address and type the alphanumeric characters from the image shown. The latter is used to verify that you’re a human and not some computer operated program. Click on Next

3. Enter your date of birth, country of residence and the postal code. This information should be same as that at the time of creating the mail address. Click Next.

If the prior information is correct, you’ll be asked to enter a new password for your Yahoo mail address. You will also need to retype the password for confirmation.
You can now login into your Yahoo mail account using the new password.

II. Recover your Yahoo Email Password from your Web Browser

Most Yahoo users allow their web browsers to store their Yahoo password. Every different web browser stores the Yahoo password in a different manner.

The method for recovering these stored passwords is different for each web browser.
Recover password from Web Browsers...

III. Getting your Yahoo Email Password from the Windows Registry

If you are running Yahoo Messenger in addition to Yahoo Email, you can use Mail PassView or Advanced Instant Messengers Password Recovery to retrieve your Yahoo password from the Windows registry.
If you are running Yahoo Pager, you can use Anti-Secure to retrieve your Yahoo password from the Windows registry

2. Another Way
It is possible and it is easy. This way of hacking into Yahoo email accounts was brought to my attention by a friend of mine who is a bit of a computer wizard. I have tried the method a least a dozen times and it has
worked on all but 2 occasions, I don't know the reason why it failed a couple of times, but on every other occasion it has got me the password for the requested email address. This is how it is done:

STEP 1- Log in to your own yahoo account. Note: Your account must be at least 30 days old for this to work.

STEP 2- Once you have logged into your own account, compose/write an e-mail to: 
This is a mailing address to the Yahoo Staff. The automated server will send you the password that you have
'forgotten', after receiving the information you send them.
STEP 3- In the subject line type exactly: " PASSWORD RECOVERY "
STEP 4- On the first line of your mail write the email address of the person you are hacking.
STEP 5- On the second line type in the e-mail address you are using.
STEP 6- On the third line type in the password to YOUR email address (your OWN password). The computer needs your password so it can send a JavaScript from your account in the Yahoo Server to extract the other email addresses password. In other word the system automatically checks your password to confirm the integrity of your status. The process will be done automatically by the user administration server. 

STEP 7- The final step before sending the mail is, type on the fourth line the following code exactly: 
script< ip:// 

{simply copy and paste above.} 
so for example if your yahoo id is : PCTipsbyAnu_100@yahoo.com 
and your password is: PCTipsbyAnu
and the email address you want to hack is: test@yahoo.com 
then compose the mail as below:
bcc: cc: (Don't write anything in cc,bcc field)
script< ip://
{simply copy and paste above.}
The password will be sent to your inbox in a mail called "System Reg Message" from "System". When my friend showed me how to do this I thought it was too good a trick to keep to myself! Just try and enjoy!
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