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Friday, May 27, 2011

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How to hide texts in Notepad?

Have you ever tried to Hide text in a regulare windows Notepad....!
Yes, there is a possibility to hide some text in a Regular Notepad, but it seems to be working on only few versions on windows, probably on Windows XP SP2.

To hide text in a notepad, all what you need to do is, just open up a command prompt and type the command as given below,......

C:\>notepad secret.txt:hidden.txt

Then it will opens up a new Notepad file, and prompts whether to create a notepad file with the name secret, go ahead and click on 'yes'., then the title of the notepad file will changes and you may see the changes in the titlebar of the Notepad. Now type what ever you want there, according to your wish and go ahead and click on the X on the right exterme end on the Notepad window ( Close ), then it prompts whether to save the file or not, click on 'Yes'. Then Just type the "DIR" command to view whether the file has been created, it must be there and now go to the location where you saved the file and try to open it up, it will open but it will not display any text in it, instead, it will display a blank Notepad File....! :->
Inorder to view this Hidden text in this Notepad File, just again go to the same command prompt and then type the same command what you have typed to create the file, as below....
C:\>notepad secret.txt:hidden.txt

Now you will view the text what you typed there....!, also if you go ahead and check with the file size, it always seems to be 0KB, sometimes 1KB, and it will not cross these two filesizes, but you can type the contents upto MBs and so on...!
Any way, if someone came to know about this, they can easily open this file by using this simple command.

Dont worry Here is another way to hide the text in the same Notepad application, but it would differ a bit from the previous one, and here in this method you will give a password to open up this file.
In order to perform this Hack, just open up a new command prompt and type the command as given below,....
C:\>echo This is a secret File.....!


Seems to be a simple echo command, is it so?
But it will make these text hidden.
once you have entered the command, just type the "DIR" Command to check whether the file has been created, it will be there. and here it will create a new Notepad file with the name "textfile". and now try to open the file in a normal way, it will open but will be blank file and nothing will be displayed there, inorder to view the text what you typed there, you need to enter another command as below

Once after typing this command , it will display the text what you typed over there, like below.....!

This is a secret File ....!

and the exact output would be like this,.........

C:\>echo This is a secret File .....!

This is a secret File .....!

Inorder to hide your own text, use the same syntax,
C:\> echo Text >Name.txt:password

echo - Command
Text - Text you want to Hide
Name - Filename
password - password

and to open up the file and view the hidden text, the syntax would be,..
C:\> more < Name:password

more - Command
Name - Filename
password - password

The first method is not password protected, but the last one is password protected.
Try it yourself and hide the text like this. :)

How simple is to use these commands...!
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