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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

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Top 5 place to share your files instantly...

What will you do if you want to send a file to your friend and if that file is so big that it cannot be mailed? Will you go to a place like Dropbox and create an account to send that single file? Or… Will you go totally crazy to buy some hosting space to send that single file? I don’t think so! There’s a very easy way of solving this problem.. Use a One Click file sharing service!
There are lots of services which will allow you to host large files on their servers for free. These services are good for keeping backups! But.. what if we want to send a large file instantly? For that also we have services which will allow you to send large files instantly without any registrations! These services will surely come in handy if you want to send a file only once (instantly)! So, today we are going to look at the 5 top services which will allow you to do this job for free :

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Drop.io : Simple real-time sharing, collaboration, and more
This is a very feature rich service which will first create a 100 Mb drop where you can upload any file and share the URL with your friends. After sharing the URL, your friends can go there and take what ever you have in the drop. You can also store photos, notes and also voice mail! They will also allow you to upload files using your email account. So many features, but only 100 MB!

MediaFire.com : Powerful for business, simple for everyone
MediaFire will offer you double the amount that Drop.io got to offer. You’ll get a 200 Mb free storage space where you can upload and share your files in your site, in facebook,twitter, and also can be shared through e-mail. No much features as Drop.oi, but have 200 Mb!

SendSpace.com : Send big files the easy way
No much fancy features.. But Send Space will offer you 300 Mb of free space which is a bit more greater than the above 2 guys. Send Space’s simple interface is just what I need! Set your email (if you want), set the recipient’s email, select the file and send! Less features, More space and a very Simple service!

HotFile.com : Free one-click file hosting
Hot File offers much more than all the others! You’ll have 2 GB free space to upload your files! It is also a very simple service like Send Space. First upload your file, and then share the link with your friends or send the link right to your friend’s inbox. Not bad.. 2 GB and very simple!

FileDropper.com : Simplest File Hosting Website
Yet another simple service! You just have to upload the file and then share the given link. But remember… File Dropper will give you 5 GB of free space to host your files which is the biggest among all the others in this list! Simple, but a very big space!

Now my job is over! I have shown you 5 file sharing services and also have commented on them. Now, its time for you to pick. Will you choose a feature rich service or a simple one? Will you consider more about features or the space they provide?

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